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Several years ago (I think it was 2006) I had ordered a faux fur coat for my Greyhound, Pepsi. Pepsi's favorite coat was the one purchased through your website. The print was a purple leopard skin. I did send it back to have you stitch a lining to help keep our Lady, Pepsi, warm during the fierce Chicago Winters. You put a faux white mink fur trim around the neck and along the bottom of the coat also. When we received the coat back from you, I called Pepsi over to help open the package. As if she new what it was, she helped me open the package, showed it to her and she, and in her own way, asked me to put it on her and wanted to go for a walk and show off her new threads.  Pepsi was adopted when she was 2 and died in 2010, she was 13. Pepsi had health issues that shortened her life. I tried to compose a letter to you following her passing though it was too difficult. Her final moments with us were spent wearing her favorite coat. Thank you for providing a product that brought so much joy and increased beauty to our Greyhound and to us.

Thomas Surman and Pepsi

I received Jewel’s coat yesterday and it is a stunner! The color combination of black material with brown fur trim is so attractive with her brindle coloring. You did a superb job. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Denise Stadelbacher and Jewel

Got the DIOR coat for Sedona. It looks incredible! The coat fits perfectly with my new store where Sedona will come to work with me everyday. Thank you. She's quite stylin now!  I'll definitely buy more from you in the future.

Janet Sinclair and Sedona

Just got the pj’s a couple of days ago. They are absolutely DARLING!!! Both Bosco and Pookie let me put them on, and then they both took turns leaning on me because I told them they were adorable. Of course it happened to be the hottest day this year, but nonetheless, they took to them because of their softness. They fit perfectly!!! I will need to take pictures of them and send them to you.  Thank you so much!

Ana McCubbin, Bosco and Pookie

Just a note to let you know that my 11 month old puppy, Aurora wore the Greyhound Bus greyhound costume you made for me a few years ago to GIG last weekend and came away the big winner!  She won 1st place in the funniest costume category and won best in show for the overall win.  Her trophy for best in show is as tall as she is!  Your costume got many compliments, and I was very happy to finally be able to enter your wonderfully made costume in a costume contest at a greyhound event.   Thanks again for the magnificent costume!

Lisa Lyon and Aurora

I wanted to send you an email long before today, but with all the activities of the Holidays I just now am getting to the message.  We are so happy with the pajamas for the Girls.  Every night just before bedtime we tell Jill & Lacey that it is time to get ready for bed.  We get their pajamas out and they come to us to have them put on.  They are sooo cute.  But more important they do the job that we were hoping to get done.  The girls are nice & warm with out having the heater on so high during the night when we are all in bed for the night.  We are glad we talked to you on the phone regarding the materials and the colors we chose, they are perfect for their colors and their personalities. Also the coats chosen for them are very complementary.  The girls are very stylish when we take them for their walks.  Where that is important to them, it is really important that they are dressed warm enough to enjoy the outing. Thank you so much for all your help, and a great job well done!

Sandi & Ted Friesen, Jill and Lacey

The coats are wonderful! :) Thank you so much! I attached a couple pics of Peyton modeling his winter coat...but he's really hard to get good pics of...he's always moving unless he's laying down! :) Thanks again!

Genevieve Gauthier and Peyton

GOOD NEWS!!!!! IT'S PERFECT!!!! Thank you sooooo very much for your perseverence and dedication. Job well done! Keep the pattern.  We may need another one on down the road. Hope to see you next year at the Greyhoundfest in Solvang. At any rate, I have you in my contacts and will keep in touch. Once again, thank you so much!!!!!

Sandi Owens and Mikey

I received the jackets.  The new one is just perfect!!  My "baby" is even more stunning!!  I also have a little male Italian Greyhound but he's a bit shorter in length than my female. Would it be possible to order one that is an inch or two shorter length-wise?  I will measure him exactly.  The fleece seems easier to deal with...although I haven't washed it yet.  I will let you know as soon as I do and be ready to order more.
Thanks a million!!

Nancy Petersen and Sassy

Thank you again for donating to the senior queen at the Solvang Greyhound Fest.  Thelma is enjoying her travel mat.  Thelma and her littermate Louise continue to enjoy the raincoats and hats you made for them several years ago.

Laura Eichman, Thelma and Louise

I got Eddie's pj's yesterday and they are just beautiful!  They fit him perfectly and look wonderful, stripes on him, spots on the pj's.  They are so well made and professional looking anything else I have seen doesn't even compare!  I donated the zebra jacket you made for Black Jack to our annual event.  I am hoping that everyone sees what great work you do and places an order.

Amelia Kukla, Eddie and Black Jack

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