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Greyhound Coats
Greyhound Cool Coats & Matching Sun Visor

Pricing: $50

Greyhound coats come in a variety of different fabrics such as, all weather fabric, faux fur, fleece, faux suede and trims of faux fur and faux leather.

Terrycloth Baby Blue

Terrycloth Crème

Terrycloth Hunter’s Green

Terrycloth Lilac

Terrycloth Mint
Terrycloth Peach
Terrycloth Pink
Terrycloth Purple
Terrycloth Royal Blue

Terrycloth White

Terrycloth Yellow


Fabric :  

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Length of Back: Base of Neck:
Length of Neck: Girth:
Circumference of Head: Chest Width:
Circumference of Neck: Weight:
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